Home Care Agency versus Hiring Direct

Determining what type of home caregiver to hire depends on your needs, preferences, and financial resources. It is important to assess your needs and your loved one's level of care. Once this has been established you will want to consider whether to hire someone from a home care agency or direct. This decision will have implications in terms of training, cost, type of the individual you employ and other factors.

Home Care Agency

Home care agencies offer consumers convenience. Some are more medically oriented while others provide exclusively non-medical care. Some offer to be the employer of record and other just a registry. An agency has the ability to be more flexible to adjust the type of caregiver when your needs change because they carry a pool of caregivers to select from.

An agency such as AdvantagePlusCaregivers.com® can also offer supporting information, resources, and products to help support the caregiver and care recipient.



Hiring Direct

When you hire individually to provide home care services some caregivers are listed in attendant registries at local community-based programs, others are located through advertising or word of mouth. Hiring someone independently maximizes consumer choice and control. Training, skill and fees for independent caregivers vary greatly. You may wish to contact a local independent living center to ask about average rates in your community.



Making Your Choice

Whether you choose an agency or hire directly you can increase your confidence by asking about your caregiver's prior experience, training, credentials and by checking references. When hiring someone independently you can also conduct a personal background check by getting written authorization from a prospective caregiver for criminal background, medical records, driving record, and credit score. For a fee, some companies will conduct a background check for you.

When deciding on your caregiving needs think of the cost and conveniences. Perhaps paperwork and employer responsibilities seem overwhelming. Assessing your preferences will help you choose whether to use an agency or hire directly. We invite you to give AdvantagePlusCaregivers.com® a call and see how we can make caring easier.

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