Home Health Care Vs Hospice: Are They Same?

Many elderly people like the idea of receiving home health care or hospice services when they are ill or injured. After all, it’s always good to have some help around, especially when it comes to taking care of personal needs and healing/treating the condition.

Today, many think of home health care and hospice as similar services. However, those who have taken help from any of them or are enjoying their services know that there are subtle differences.

Home health care focuses on improving the living conditions of those suffering from any illness or injury, and healing them through restorative treatment and rehabilitation. Services under home health may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, infusion therapy and many others. These services are provided to patients in their home so that they have a comfortable time recovering from the illness/injury.

Hospice services, on the other hand, serve patients with a prognosis of 6-8 months or maybe less if their illness runs its natural course, as described by a physician. These services are called for when improving the quality of life becomes more important instead of treating the illness.

Understanding the difference between home health and hospice and knowing which one to call in under which circumstances can help you or your family member make the right decision when choosing these services.

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