Considering Home Care Services For Aging Parents? Read This First

Are you acting as a caregiver for your aging parent? If you are, you should consider in-home care services.

Many families rely on home care services to ensure their aging loved ones are well taken care of and can live independently. Additionally, it also gives the family caregivers some respite, preventing burnout.

First of all, you have to make sure in-home services for seniors are the right fit for your senior loved ones. Ask yourself these three questions to determine if your family member’s lifestyle is compatible with home care:

Does the elderly loved one wish to age in place?

The findings of AARP state that approximately 90 percent of older adults (65 or older) want to age in place. Comfort and convenience aren’t the only factors why they prefer staying at home. For them, their homes also have an “emotional value.”

Some older adults may prefer to downsize to a smaller house or move in with their children at some point in time. Some may have medical needs that require them to shift to a facility with active medical attention.

If they want to age in place and there are no obstacles, medical or financial, hiring private caregivers for the elderly for in-home care is a feasible option.

What is the level of care required by the elderly loved one?

If the medical needs of your aging parents are beyond non-medical in-home care’s scope, consider a live-in CNA for round-the-clock medical attention.

Non-medical home care is perfect for most older adults. Your loved one gets a skilled, professional caregiver’s specialized attention and support for the desired duration during the day.

Whether your loved one needs companionship, someone to take care of grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and meal preparations, or daily care with activities like bathing and dressing, our in-home services for seniors will improve their quality of life.

Will the elderly loved one get along with their caregiver/companion?

This one may not cross your mind right away, but it is a vital consideration when weighing in-home care services for your aging parents.

Discussing with your loved one before you finalize home care services is essential. If they are resistant to change, they may find it hard to adjust to home care in the beginning.

Help them see how hiring private caregivers for the elderly is not at all an imposition on their independence and that it will make their lives easier, more comfortable. For that, you will have to think about the factors that may potentially influence your loved one’s relationship with a caregiver. Some questions that crossed our minds are:

  • Are they extremely reserved?
  • Do they get angry really fast?
  • Do they have speech troubles?
  • What are the activities or hobbies that they love, which their caregiver can share?

Give them some time to warm up to the idea instead of forcing it on them.

Signing Off

If you have any concerns or questions about in-home care services, we will be happy to answer them all.

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