Caregiving Guide: Looking After Seniors with Physical Disabilities

Caregiving for seniors is always tricky, no matter what. And the challenge becomes bigger if they are the ones with physical disabilities. In case you offer caregiving services for seniors with physical disabilities, you wouldn’t want to make it a tiresome process. Keeping a few things in mind, you can make it a pleasant experience for both.

Here are some tips for everyone offering caregiving services to seniors with physical disabilities:

Educate yourself

No matter how many months you have spent in training yourself for the job, you should always start fresh when taking the responsibility of an adult with physical disability. You’re supposed to get detailed information on the person’s condition and do your homework around it.

Get in touch with health experts to understand the condition and challenges associated with it. Staying informed will not only ensure better care but also help you take steps in case of an emergency.

Take nothing personally

Seniors are known to get easily irritated and the ones with physical disabilities may reach their extreme at times. It’s alright. That’s what you have been hired for. Empathy is the key. Try to understand what they might be going through in their mind and don’t take anything personally.

You cannot control their mood swings but you can always respond with kindness and make them feel better. Keep yourself emotionally detached and go ahead with a positive attitude without turning it into World War III.

Don’t patronize

This is the worst you can do to someone with a disability. They should be handled with all the care and kindness you have within, but there should be no smell of patronizing. Instead, you can get them indulged in several activities in their free time, to make them feel empowered and independent.

Practice optimism as much as you can. Instead showing support on what they cannot do, try to find ways to make them realize that they don’t always need someone’s assistance. You can get in touch with the other family members to learn about their interests or figure them out on your own.

Use the right lifting techniques

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of using the appropriate lifting techniques. Not doing so can land you in trouble, causing injuries and making you look for care for yourself instead of offering it to others. Now, that’s something ironical which you would never like.

You should make sure to keep your head and nick in alignment with your spine while lifting. Avoid bending at your waist to lift them. Instead, use the power of your legs to lift and hold or move the weight.

The bottom line

Caregiving is both a rewarding and a draining task. It demands a lot of patience, positivity, and hard work. At the same time, you should give yourself your ‘me time’ so you don’t feel drained by the end of the day. The above tips will help you keep things in place.

In case you’re looking forward to advancing your career in senior personal care services, you can get in touch with us.


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